International litigation and arbitration

International business disputes can be challenging. It’s important to hire experienced trial lawyers who are undaunted by complex cross-border litigation and arbitration.

The attorneys of Markowitz Herbold bring a creative and comprehensive approach to solving international disputes. Whether you’re doing business in Oregon or Washington, or you’re located outside the U.S. and doing business here, Markowitz Herbold has the expertise to help you present a winning case in most forums. The trial attorneys at Markowitz Herbold litigate and arbitrate disputes in venues in the U.S. and around the world for both foreign and domestic parties in employment, contract, shareholder, real estate, securities, antitrust, and intellectual property disputes.

Representing foreign individuals and companies

We represent foreign parties in U.S. litigation as counsel and co-counsel. We know the state and federal court systems in the U.S. and assist with jurisdictional issues. Markowitz Herbold attorneys can also work directly with clients, or coordinate with a client’s counsel, in their own countries and jurisdictions.

Our attorneys help foreign clients navigate the complex rules of discovery and privilege issues in Oregon and Washington. We litigate and arbitrate disputes between U.S. parties and parties in Mexico and Latin America. Markowitz Herbold attorneys have also represented clients from Singapore, Japan, South Korea, China, and the Middle East.

Representing U.S. companies and individuals abroad

We represent U.S. companies and individuals against foreign parties. Our experience with international litigation, mediation, and arbitration tribunals includes pre-litigation strategy, overcoming jurisdictional challenges, service of process in foreign countries, admissibility of evidence, and managing complex international discovery.

Markowitz Herbold attorneys have represented clients in litigation and arbitration in Peru, France, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and before a U.N. Tribunal in Nairobi, Kenya to name a few.

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