On Demand: Deposition Techniques and Strategies

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On Demand

Depositions can make or break your case. That’s why it’s important to get it right every time. Taught by trial lawyers David Markowitz, Laura Salerno Owens, and Kyle Busse, of leading litigation boutique Markowitz Herbold, this day-long course will provide invaluable information for the new and experienced litigator alike.

For more than 40 years, David Markowitz has been studying deposition and trial techniques and has presented seminars to improve the skills of practicing attorneys across the country. David will share ten important goals to accomplish, including avoiding undesired results. Learn the value of question structure and how to deal with evasive and incomplete answers. The most important questions and techniques that best lawyers use will be covered, as will a key component of any deposition—knowing when to stop asking questions.

Laura Salerno Owens, President of Markowitz Herbold and recognized as one of the top legal influencers in the U.S., will discuss defending depositions including setting goals, preparing your client for remote or video deposition, and training your client for protection during deposition, including proper objections.

Kyle Busse, ranked as one of the top employment lawyers in Oregon, will discuss how to accomplish deposition goals using remote platforms. He will also address the important differences in how an attorney prepares for a remote deposition versus a live one.

Whether you are new to trial practice or want to refresh your deposition skills, this presentation is an opportunity not to be missed.

This course will be available to download on December 9th at the OSB CLE website

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