Evaluating, Prosecuting and Defending Non-Compete and Trade Secret Litigation

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Sponsored By:Multnomah Bar Association
World Trade Center, Portland, OR
Join Jeff Edelson, of Markowitz, Herbold, Glade & Mehlhaf PC, and Judy Snyder, of The Law Offices of Judy Snyder, for a wild ride in the world of emergency TROs, expedited discovery, and hard-drive forensics. Jeff and Judy each bring more than 20 years of experience representing departing employees, jilted employers, and aggressive companies recruiting talent. They will dissect Oregon's unique noncompetition statute, examine the newest developments, offer approaches for advising employees to avoid litigation, explain how and when to pull the litigation trigger, and help navigate you through a noncompete/trade secrets lawsuit.
For more information or to register: MBA Noncompetition CLE.

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