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Holding Court: Meet three women transforming law in Oregon

February 24, 2023

Suzanne Stevens and Elizabeth Hayes, Portland Business Journal

Last week, Adrienne C. Nelson, an associate justice on the Oregon Supreme Court, made history by becoming the first Black woman to serve as a U.S. District Court judge in Oregon.

Nelson is one of a growing number of women who are working in the upper echelons of the legal profession in Oregon. We've written a lot about Nelson and she was also a guest at a 2019 PBJ Power Breakfast. The story of her journey into law is inspiring.

Reporter Elizabeth Hayes thought the same was probably true for some other stars working in Oregon law: Oregon Chief Justice Meagan Flynn, U.S. Attorney Natalie Wight and Laura Salerno Owens, president and shareholder at Markowitz Herbold.

As Liz found out, each took very different paths into the legal field and wound up in very different places.

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