Litigating RICO Claims in Oregon

8:00 AM
Sponsored By:Multnomah Bar Association
World Trade Center, Mezzanine, Portland, Oregon

Harry Wilson, a shareholder at Markowitz Herbold PC, and Cliff Davidson, a partner at Sussman Shank, LLP, will present on RICO litigation in Oregon, with a focus on the defense side. Harry has frequently litigated racketeering claims in Oregon courts, and, in 2017, Cliff litigated civil RICO claims in both state and federal court, including one related to the growth of cannabis. Among other things, they will address differences between the state and federal RICO statute. 

For more information, contact Kristen Hilton, Sussman Shank LLP at 503-227-1111. For registration questions, contact the MBA at 503-222-3275. 

1455 SW Broadway, Suite 1900
Portland, OR 97201 - 503-295-3085

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