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Manor Residents Amass $200,000 in Fight with PRS

September 20, 2012

The residents are pushing to return control of the Manor to its own board and to remove that control from its de facto parent organization, Pacific Retirement Services, which was created by the Manor board in 1991 to provide management services.

The issue came to a head in August when the PRS board fired Executive Director Kevin McLoughlin and removed seven Rogue Valley Manor board members. Since then, PRS and the residents have exchanged memos and pleas that the opposite side give in. Neither, however, has budged. To the contrary, there is a lengthy paper trail documenting that both sides are digging in.

Attorneys for PRS and Manor residents are slated to meet Sept. 26, followed by a negotiation session Sept. 27.

To read the complete article visit the Medford Mail Tribune.

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