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Oregon judge trims securities fraud suit against Nitin Khanna in clash with Boris Jordan

October 13, 2022

Pete Danko, Portland Business Journal

A Multnomah County judge dismissed all securities fraud claims against Markowitz Herbold client Nitin Khanna filed by investors in CBD company Sentia Wellness. 

“I am thrilled with this decision,” said Nitin Khanna. “I look forward to putting this entire episode in the rearview mirror.” 

Circuit Court Judge David F. Rees jettisoned the securities claims "for lack of subject matter jurisdiction." 

"The investors ignored provisions that they negotiated requiring them to bring claims in New York where they are headquartered," Vivek Kothari said in a statement provided by a Khanna representative. "Instead, they went forum shopping and filed the lawsuit in Oregon, which also happens to be home to my clients. The court held the investors to the original provisions of their agreement and dismissed the claims."

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