We're Climate Champions!

Markowitz Herbold's environmental best practices include:

  • Purchasing 100% recycled paper for basic copying and printing
  • Awarding sustainability grants to incentivize and reward employees for being sustainable outside the office
  • Offering free Trimet passes as well as Zipcar memberships to employees
  • Providing a volunteer "bicycle liaison" to help new bike commuters with route information, bicycling best practices, and answer questions
  • Providing durable, reusable dishware for employee use and during firm-sponsored events
  • Maintaining recycling facilities in the office for paper, metal, plastic, glass, toner cartridges, batteries, cork, and compost
  • Hosting an annual Sustainability Lunch for employees to highlight the firm's environmental achievements
  • Annually purchasing Carbon Offsets for all business-related auto, air, and train travel; Renewable Energy Certificates for our office’s energy use; and Water Restoration Certificates for our office’s water use

In addition to our best practices, Markowitz Herbold has received the following recognition:

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