What Works and Doesn't Work at Trial

All day
Sponsored By:Oregon State Bar's 26th Annual Litigation Institute and Retreat
Skamania, Washington
David Markowitz, along with fellow litigators Steve English, Bill Barton and Charese Rohny, will participate in a panel discussion, moderated by Judge Stacie Beckerman, about what works and doesn't work at trial. Their topics include:
  • Jury selection
  • Opening statement
  • Establishing credibility with the judge and jury
  • Direct examination of clients and key witnesses
  • Presenting and cross examining witnesses
  • Using depositions at trial
  • Closing argument
  • Jury instructions
For more information or to register visit the OSB's Litigation Retreat page

1455 SW Broadway, Suite 1900
Portland, OR 97201 - 503-295-3085

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