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Shareholder and partnership disputes

Business partners and shareholders don’t always get along. Even in the best of times, personality conflicts, mismanagement, and control disputes can often lead to company collapse or financial ruin.  

Whether the issues require complex forensic accounting or guidance to navigate an operating agreement, retaining a law firm with relevant experience and skill is vital. Markowitz Herbold is the “go-to” law firm for individuals and companies seeking legal protection and recourse in shareholder and partnership disputes of any size. We have successfully prosecuted and defended hundreds of shareholder and partnership disputes in the past 36 years.  

Our attorneys represent clients in jury and bench trials, class actions, arbitrations, and mediations in state and federal courts and other forums across the country. From individual partners and shareholders in closely-held businesses to publicly-traded companies and limited liability corporations, we have successfully handled disputes involving:

  • Asset division
  • Buy-sell agreement valuations
  • Corporate securities fraud
  • Dissolution
  • Embezzlement
  • Fiduciary duty
  • Unfair competition / trade secrets

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