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Trade secrets, unfair competition and noncompetition

In a business where trade secrets are vital, and customer relationships are confidential, clients need a law firm that will help them keep what is theirs. Whether a company or a departing employee, we guide clients through the complicated laws of trade secrets, non-competition agreements, and unfair competition. Often these cases move quickly and require temporary injunctions and expedited document exchanges. We have the experience to focus on the critical issues to get resolution without wasting valuable time and money. Our attorneys have successfully pursued and defended hundreds of non-competition, trade secret and unfair competition claims before juries, judges, and arbitrators in state and federal courts throughout the West.

Every non-competition, trade secret, and unfair competition case is different in its own way. Every industry is unique as well.  We think it is important to get to know our clients’ businesses so we can recognize the distinctive nuances of their trade secrets and markets. From secret recipes to electron microscope technology, we have handled cases involving countless types of intellectual assets.

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